sometimes I need true hugs

Sometimes I need a good hug.
A hug from a dear person.
A hug from a person I am in love.
A warm hug from a friend.

I miss the hugs from man that loves me with all his heart.
I miss the hugs where I feel protected by stong and simultaneously gentle wings.
I miss the warmness of his chest.
I miss the song of his heart beat, I miss it’s dance.
I miss the entire amount of feelings that comes packed from “another half”.

I am fine with me, I am fine but still I need love.
I am okay …
Live in present, they say… Live throught nature, they said. Learn from it, they say…
I am searching for love, but look at this pattern.

Spiders web is made from love. Spider is made from love. He knows how to make his web so perfectly and without any laziness.

Sometimes are days when I am thinking of human love. I am afraid of not receiving love, ever again in this life…
I feel that I have nothing else left … wonders… fears… and a lot of anxiety… whirling inside…
I am asking myself if I made mistakes. Again me answering “yes”. Maybe I am punished with not receiving human love ever again, or just maybe entire lonliness makes me more powerful and wise for the “choosed one”.
Hopes are still there. Heart is rising in the middle of natures heart.

12:02 AM